Chrissie Walker
Editer & Journalist Mostly Food & Travel Journey

"This chef is one of the most decorated and respected within the industry but is strangely overlooked by those seeking the next celebrity. There are few chefs, however, who are so thoroughly immersed in the industry, and few who are better known by their peers. 

Daniel is proud of his kitchen at one of London’s finest hotels, which give guests a choice of culinary experiences. Daniels food is educational with unique dishes on the menu ensuring the guest will ask what they are and where they came from, giving a chance to interact and to make the dining experience so much more interesting. One can use all the senses and learn something! 

Daniel says; It’s not always necessary to travel abroad and even qualifications shouldn’t be essential, as long as cooking is in your heart. As long as you understand about the hospitality industry and that it’s about giving the guest what he wants, Daniel Ayton is one of the finest chefs in the UK and he uses his experience to inspire and support others. It’s not just about teaching people to cook; it’s about dietetics and legislation as well. He spreads the word of excellence by his example, but his legacy will endure in many a professional kitchen with chefs who have benefited from his mentoring".

Ian Hurst
General Manager @
Taj 51 Buckingham Gate 5 Star
Saint James Court Hotel 4 star

"Daniel has a sound culinary knowledge and is an enthusiastic leader who manages his kitchen to a high standard of performance and responsibility keen to ensure guest satsfaction and a reputation for consistency, dependability and hygene in all food preperation areas".

Louis Frere
Managing Partner iTQi

"Daniel is a key member of iTQi European chefs jury. His aptitude of the hedonic and organaleptic sampling iTQi has opted for, is second to none, these methods are a unique way to judge the absolute acceptability level of food. The sensory system reacts to a 3 dimensional stimulus : the qualitative perception resulting from the nature of ingredients, the intensity and finally the hedonic dimension corresponding to the feeling of pleasure or displeasure. His dedication to a sensory analysis of the tasted product and ability to assign a numeric score on an evaluation sheet reflecting the overall feeling of hedonic pleasure vision, smell, texture, flavour and mouth-feel, was coherent and honest. Daniel has helped to form a business partnership between the iTQi and the World Masterchefs Society where he is a Fellow and the Vice President. I will have no hesitation in recommending Daniel in other tasting projects, and would be happy to work with him again".

Yves Wencker
General Manager

"Daniel joined us as a task force member during the pre-opening of Taj Palace Marrakech. During his time with us Daniel has displayed excellent technical skills and was able to adapt very quickly to a very challenging environment and a different culture. Daniel is a great coach who walks the talk, an achiever and he helped us greatly to cater to one of the largest party this hotel has ever accommodated for the film festival. Hard working, loyal, Daniel is a great Manager I would work with him again and would recommend him anytime and I wish him much success in his career, and move up the ladder even more"

Christian De Bauw
Managing Partner  iTQi

"Daniel is a key member of iTQi jury of renowed european chefs. His judgement in evaluating the taste of consumer foods is outstanding. Daniel has helped to form a business partnership between the iTQi and the Craft Guild of Chefs where he is a Fellow and the Vice Chairman of the London Division. I will have no hesitation in recommending Daniel in other tasting projects, and would be happy to work with him again".

Geoff Acott, MBE.
Retired Army Captain

"I have known Daniel for many years and have followed his career with close interest. He is a highly talented chef, loyal, trustworthy and honest, with a remarkable capacity and thirst for knowledge and an excellent work ethic. Daniel loves his craft and it shows. He is never happier than when he is on the stove creating dishes to delight his restaurant guests. Because of his extensive international experience he has a wide repertoire that explores all facets of world cuisine. Daniel never rests on his laurels. He has, as part of his studies towards a BA (Hons) degree in Culinary Arts, issued a treatise on authentic ethnic foods, and a dissertation about the training needs associated with coeliac disease within the hospitality industry, which he proposes to develop further. His great strength is that he knows his ingredients and he loves them. Quality is his byword and the pleasure of his diners his mission".

Michael Coaker
Senior Chef Lecturer & Operations Co-Ordinator

"Daniel is an ex-student of the London School of Hospitality and Tourism at the University of West London (formally Thames Valley University) and is now a Patron of the University. Daniel is keen to pass on his experiences in the industry to our apprentices and supports the school by giving lectures to our students on a regular basis and supports our Junior Chef Academy and Future Chef Springbourd. Daniel works with many chefs organisations and gives his time freely by Judging and Mentoring up and coming student chefs".

Gagan Sharma
Hotel Manager

"Daniel is such a dynamic Chef and juggles his Hats brilliantly as and when required, whether it's motivating his Brigade or getting stuck in with the team in order to deliver to the highest standard. Daniel not only is extremely diligent in the Kitchen with his Menu planing, Food costs, Creativity but also has great Sense of Humour with great networking skills. One will often find him on various Chef competition's panel and aspires budding chefs while mentoring and guiding them. I have had pleasure of working with Chef Daniel and would not hesitate recommending him. I firmly believe in Daniel's skills and have no doubt that he will be successful in his endeavours".

David Berry
Senior Lecturer
"I worked with Daniel when he was establishing himself within his career in a 5* environment During Daniel's time with the Forte group he rapidly progressed through their graduate program and further developed his career in landmark hotels. I maintain a professional relationship with Daniel and he continues to be an excellent ambassador for our profession".
Anthony George
General Manager

"Daniel is a talented and charismatic chef, who is always looking for inventive and new ideas to complement and improve his culinary expertise.
It would be a pleasure to work with Daniel again in the future."



Philippe Vanderwalle,

President of Disciples d’Escoffier UK,

 “For many years you have shown your commitment to promote our industry and to support the development of the profession in its various aspects. We believe that all those years of hard work and your constant motivation deserve to be recognised and rewarded.”

Tom Cummings Mcgc
Experienced Hospitality Professional

"I have known Daniel for many years and have always found him to be loyal, extremely hard working and knowledgable. His personal skills are excellent, always helpful, courteous and willing to go that extra mile.He does such a great deal for the Craft Guild of Chefs"

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